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    Sand and sea make a beautiful shot from space: www.ouramazingpla...

    • Tony Soul Ojo-Ade

      Odd Couple On the western edge of the Asian country of Turkmenistan, a vast desert meets the world's most expansive inland water body, the Caspian Sea.

    • Eric Christiansen

      The Dardzha Peninsula is a landscape of sand dunes and salt flats. The Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus on the Landsat 7 satellite acquired this natural-color image of the peninsula on June 16, 2000.

    • Majestic Vision

      Part of a country mostly covered by desert, the Dardzha Peninsula lies along the shore of the world’s most expansive inland water body. Pushing westward into the Caspian Sea from Turkmenistan’s Garagum (Karakum) Desert, the Dardzha Peninsula is a landscape of sand dunes and salt flats. #MaVi

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    sea anemone

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    sea anemone

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