d.i.y. pottery kick wheel

Treadle Wheel Blueprints! (find the whole thing at http://www.duke.edu/~msm5/pictures/treadle_plans.html )

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EXCELLENT throwing tool: Simple, useful, cheap and easy to make. great way to open pots with a consistent thickness at the bottom. No more guessing how thick it is. WOW. pottery tool technique tip ceramics clay DIY

Picture of Ceramics Wheel Throwing Bats

Homemade Pottery Kiln Plans .....uh, why haven't I heard of this before? I have an old wood stove!

Knockdown Sawhorses Woodworking Plan

Pottery Wheel (this blog has some great ideas on how to make them)

BEST ONE! Cool, I can build my own potter's wheel!

Pottery and Ceramics Tools Building a Kick Wheel

Making a pottery kick wheel

Clay Damp Boxes - pour plaster slab into the bottom, add extra water. keeps pieces damp for months. pottery ceramics clay

This invention will "enable anyone to get water from deep wells without electricity or to pump volumes of water from shallow wells. In just a few minutes of pumping daily into an overhead storage tank, an entire household’s water needs can be met, enough for watering livestock and irrigating gardens."

DIY Pottery Wheel Plans

A http://splashtablet.com Repin: Stoneware Ceramic Pottery Pitcher Creamer, Sauce, Syrup Your iPad & messy art, suction-mount & waterproof! Under $42 at splashtablet.com or Amazon. 5-Stars

Clay Texture Stamp Small Sculpture Ball Just roll the ball any direction to get artsy imprint.

Easy-to-Build Vise | Woodsmith Tips

How to Pit Fire Pottery Using a Charcoal Grill

potters wheel from washing machine