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Treadle Wheel Blueprints! (find the whole thing at )


Firing clay at home - how to fire pottery without a kiln

There are three ways of firing clay pots if you don't have your own kiln, each of which would make a great homeschooling project!


How To Make a $50 Pottery Wheel

Pottery Wheel from ceiling fan motor and 5 gal. bucket... I have both in my "junk" room!!!

I have been throwing for about 12 years and for the last three, instructing. I have found some tools and tricks that have become helpful along the way and thought I'd share. This video will show you how to throw a large bowl on the potter's / pottery wheel.


Pt. 1 How to build a potters wheel with a treadmill motor!

DIY potters to build a pottery wheel out of found parts.

Pioneer Settlerfrom Pioneer Settler

Diy Wind Turbine

14 Amazing Diy Turbine Generators you can make at home on the cheap for living off the grid by at

Some of the world's most beautiful ceramic ware has been produced by firing pottery using an outdoor pit kiln. Originally published as


Country Pottery Kickwheel

Make your own pottery wheel. Do it now!


Potters Kick Wheel

Picture of Potters Kick Wheel