Ancient Town, Fenghuang, China >> Looks like more travel to China ! I love the place

Venice in Italy!

If you get a chance to visit Istanbul city dont forget to go and see those reflective stones. People named this as The Stone Mirror. In this picture the way the stone mirror reflected that building really amazes me. Definitely want to get there one day!

Angkor Wat (Temple City), constructed at the peak of the Khmer Empire circa 1115-1150 A.D. Nearby Angkor Thom (Large City) followed about a half-century later, from 1185-1210 A.D.

20 Awe-Inspiring Ruins From the World’s Greatest Civilizations

It is incredible what people were capable of building and valued architecturally in the past. Cambodia - Angkor Wat Temple - Absolutely one of the most amazing things I have seen thus far.

Neuschwanstein castle of Louis the 2nd in Bavaria

Fairy Tale Fantasy, Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany Talk about getting lost in the clouds.


Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand - Like in a Dream by Romain Matteï Photography, via Travel and Photography from around the world.

Mohabbat Maqabara Palace in Junagadh Gujrat India

visitheworld: “Mohabbat Maqabara Palace in Junagadh, Gujarat, India (by caywinoo). ” - visitheworld: Mohabbat Maqabara Palace in.

Torre de Belém, Lisboa, Portugal.

Portugal - Lisboa, Torre de Belém Photo by António Sacchetti-->Been there :) My country, this place is really beautiful. If you ever come to Portugal then you must visit it :)

Bagan, Myanmar.  I sailed up the Irawaddy River ©2002 to Bagan.  One of the most magical places in my travels.

Bagan is one of the most popular ancient cities in Myanmar. You can learn about the living style of ancient Myanmar People and the ancient kingdom of Myanmar. Moreover, Bagan is the initiative place of Buddhism in Myanmar.

Tempel in Thailand

Buddha statue outside of Wat Traimit in Bangkok, Thailand. - Thailand has so many beautiful and historical things to see. New destination made

Dream Travel Spots — Rong Khun temple, Chiang Rai province, northern...

Rong Khun temple, Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand One of my favorite temples I've studied. It's even more beautiful when you look into the detail.