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Rab Cake, It is believed that this cake was first served in 1177. to Pope Alexander III when he blessed Rab island Cathedral. What is certain is that it was a specialty during the rule of Venice over 300 years ago, and it was only served in the homes of island's wealthy families.

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Medieval recipe for stewed beef made with verjus, costmary, fennel, spikenard, and Italian forest honey. Site includes a lengthy discussion of ingredients and his sources. It starts with photose of some Irish artifacts. Seems to be primarily Roman Brittish/Irish.

The Roasting Pig look at the history of the hog roast, how cooking helped it evolve throughout the ages and how it has moved on from an essential part of medieval cooking.

The Dacre Beasts, made in England, 1507-25 (source). These heraldic sculptures were made for Lord Thomas Dacre, and were displayed in the Ha...


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butternut squash and gruyere pithvier. Medieval source?

Making 50 Medieval Cheeses - See also her blog:

fruits artificielles, hand crafted from almond paste

A nineteenth century pearwood mould for making Punch and Judy gingerbreads.

seventeenth century gingerbread recipes

Wafers made with a set of early seventeenth century English wafering irons.

Flummery fish were gilded and were floated on a dish of thin lemon jelly or sweet wine.

Flummery made in an eighteenth century wooden mould.

Flummery fish made in mid-eighteenth century Staffordshire salt-glazed stoneware moulds

sixteenth and seventeenth century recipes... 'Artificial Fruit' from pippin and apricot paste

Scappi's 16th century Boar (or Pork) with Dates, Prunes and Cherries. If you want to know why the Italians took so long to adopt tomatoes ---dishes like this are the reason.

Lebanese Meat Pies (Sfeehas) | | #lebanesefood #meatpies #pie #savory #dinner #groundbeef

MEDIEVAL TAVERN RECIPE: GRAVE OF SMALL BIRDS - "Grave” is attributed to being the origin of the word “gravy.” (blog.pearsonsrena...)

Mostarda: A favorite of Catherine de’ Medici, who placed a jar in her dowry trunk when she left to marry the king of France’s son in 1533, mostarda is a distinctive fruit conserve that mixes the intense spice of mustard with the sweet flavors of candied fruit. The first known written recipe for this condiment appeared in chef Lancelot de Casteau’s Ouverture de Cuisine in 1604...

Recipe for medieval Dutch wafers with cream

Food History Jottings: Recreation of a Grocers' Company feast from 1566. Being able to serve a wide variety of birds at a feast was a symbol status in Tudor and medieval England. © Ivan Day

Elizabethan Honeycakes

Elizabethan Feast! The First Course — Civet of hare, a quarter of stag, stuffed chicken and a loin of veal. The two last dishes were covered with a German sauce, with gilt sugar-plums, and pomegranate seeds. At each end, outside the green lawn, was an enormous pie, surmounted with smaller pies, which formed a crown. The crust of the larger pies was silvered all around and contained a whole roe-deer, a gosling, three capons, six chickens, ten pigeons and one young rabbit.