Such a beautiful corset!

Beautiful corset


flower tutu!


Gorgeous-one day I'll wear a corset


mint + rose vintage lingerie corset

"Please let me be able to wear a corset one day without looking like a balloon with an elastic band around it."

Cute fairy shoes!

Corset dress

Silver Beaded Corset Couture Wedding Corsets and Gowns

Cowgirl - medieval dresses

.bird fairy


'The Crown Princess' Corset


I really like the belt around the corset that matched the jacket. Good idea for tying an outfit together.

Untitled (Flower Dress), 2010 - Todd Murphy - Artists - Jackson Fine Art - Photography - Atlanta on imgfave

I can't actually describe how much I love this girl's stuff -and how much I need all the money right now so that I can sate my steampunk hunger. $270