So cool! water around books? hmmmm. Nonetheless, it is definitely unique. A conversation piece for sure!


amazing tile

great window // this is pretty cool

Vintage drawer used to hold books. A piece of glass added to the top and it becomes a small end table

amazing bookshelf

I think this is an amazing idea for a Loft Library.

Bricks painted to look like books in the garden.

amazing art deco light

Wrap a piece of cardboard in fabric and put at back of bookcase instead of painting or wallpaper. Could change out as often as you wanted.

stairway to book heaven

From a dresser to a bookcase! Farrow and Ball - used salvaged pieces, including a decorative header, reclaimed wood, hardware, chicken wire and window-WOW!

Amazing piece! I can't tell if this is actually one piece, or if somebody was lucky enough for all of the piece to be the same size and stacked them.

tree book shelf

Right now I'm between books....

Read a Book

floor tiled with scrabble pieces

Creative Reuse Search flea markets and tag sales for antiques that you love, whether it's because of the shape or the design, and turn them into something new. Here, antique moldings are repurposed as ornate shelves around the French doors to maximize storage in the room. An antique iron balustrade is topped with glass to become a fancy yet functional breakfast table.

In Toronto, a vending machine that sells random books for $2 a piece.

Window seat book storage.