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Ummmm SIGN ME UP!!! I never thought I would have a thing for the teacher. Guess I was wrong, lol. I got a thing for five teachers... No, for reals... I am ready to goooo!!!

It was the first day of my Jr year in high school and at lunch BSE came on one of the speakers in the courtyard and it totally changed my entire day for the better

Spray Starch & Alcohol Ink Background Technique

My final blog post tonight before I crawl off to bed with my hot chocolate :) Im really enjoying playing around with the spray starch to see how it can be used, seeing how well it worked with the p…

Who's Your 1D BGF?

Who's+Your+One+Direction+BGF? - Your One Direction BGF is Harry! You and Harry would totally click! You both value friendship and family more than anything, and together, you'd be the glue that would hold your friends together, always planning fun get-togethers.

Halloween - Bat - Hundreds Chart

A simple hundreds chart Halloween activity. Follow the directions and create a bat. A great way to reinforce number sense. Includes two versions one with number chart filled out and one with number chart that students fill in.Free, fun and functional holiday activity.Enjoy!Keep up to date on Special Parrot Productions promotions, sales and giveaways by liking our Facebook page: Special Parrot Productions thanks you for your interest.