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The Age Newspaper recently published an article stating that there is a ’50:50 contribution to the final outcome of violence’ by men and women in abusive relationships. What are your thoughts about this highly-controversial statement? Our latest blog has more

A controversial opinion piece written earlier this week suggested that women are partly responsible for domestic violence.

A former Ballarat police officer and prosecutor has been put behind bars for inflicting “18 years of unmitigated terror” on his family.

A former Ballarat police officer and prosecutor has been put behind bars for inflicting years of unmitigated terror” on his family.

While governments continue to demonise ‘bikie gangs’, transnational criminal organisations may be getting away with murder.

Court in the act: Gangland lawyer Joe "Pino" Acquaro, since murdered, leaves court with client Rocco Arico, in

Would you react violently if a person of the same sex made sexual advances towards you? Our latest blog explains the law when it comes to attacking someone in those circumstances.

Is a non-violent sexual advance by a person of the same gender justification for murder? Keep reading to learn more about the ‘gay panic defence’ in Australia.

NSW Ombudsman Bruce Barbour's office has advertised for a principal legal officer to assist with Operation Prospect.

In 2008 the NSW Ombudsman Bruce Barbour lied in an interview with radio announcer about why he did not refer paedophile teacher Adrian Nisbett to the police in What Mr Barbour didn’t count on…

Defendants who refuse to stand in court, or who swear or yell at judges, will face stiff penalties from next month.

NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton NSW to rewrite ADVOs in 'plain English' to reduce confusion and protect domestic violence victims - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The NSW Chief Justice has called upon lawyers to publicise and criticise the government’s wholesale removal of legal safeguards and protections.

Chief Justice Tom Bathurst warns of threat to basic legal rights. This is how it is with legal gun owners.

Ivan Milat butchered and buried the bodies of seven young people between 1989 and 1992 in the Belanglo State Forest in southern NSW

Backpacker murderer Ivan Milat's rambling letters from prison revealed

Letters sent to Australia& worst serial killer Ivan Milat by women revealed Ivan Milat

17Apr2105ABC vid & sound William;s birthday

Missing toddler William Tyrrell: Police suspect paedophile ring William Tyrell missing from NSW Australa. Ring Crimestoppers or 000

The taxpayer may have to foot the bill for an appeal by the man who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting and murdering ABC employee Jill Meagher.

The Victorian Supreme Court has overturned a decision by Legal Aid to refuse convicted killer Adrian Bayley funding to appeal his convictions.

According to media reports, NSW Labor has promised to set up specialised domestic violence courts if the party is elected to power in the next state election.  Specialised domestic violence courts are intended as a way to reduce the trauma that is often experienced by complainants and defendants in domestic violence cases when attending a regular court.  What do you think, are special domestic violence courts a good idea?  Read on for more.

According to media reports, NSW Labor has promised to set up specialised domestic violence courts if elected. Keep reading to find out if this is a good idea.

Attorney General George Brandis famously declared that people ‘have a right to be bigots’. Now Malcolm Turnbull is leading the charge to remove the protections of the Racial Discrimination Act. What are your thoughts? Our latest blog has more.

Just months after the government abandoned proposals to change the Racial Discrimination Act, several politicians have sought to reopen the debate.

We published a short post earlier today about six South Australian Police Officers arrested this morning for various offences linked to corruption.  The officers faced court this morning and have been granted bail to appear at a later date.  Will this be the first of many prosecutions against police and corrupt officials?  Will they face the appropriate punishment?  Our latest Blog post has more.

An ICAC investigation which had been honing in on a group of South Australian police officers has finally led to charges being laid.

The New Bail Act appears to have contributed to a decrease in people being held in custody on remand while awaiting their court dates.  It is reported that this has taken some of the pressure off our prison system, which costs a lot of money to administer and is filled to capacity.  But is this a good thing?  Or should more people be locked-up while awaiting their trials?  Our latest Blog post has more.

The new Bail Act has had a huge impact on the number of defendants granted bail. Keep on reading to find out more about the impacts of the new bail laws here.


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