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Real friends dont get offended when you call them bad names. They smile and call you something even more offensive. #Friendship #Friends #TrueFriends

i just want to thanks all those who have walked in to my life even at my worst and stayed or have come back in and to those who couldn't or wouldn't stay thanks for the memories God bless

A true friend, one you can trust forever hard to find! My friends are strong, smart, kind, sassy, beautiful, funny and honest. Important when sharing life's ups and downs and new fashion finds. My girlfriends lift me up, give me confidence and show me the way so I can keep evolving. Even when it means trashing my old, smelly sneakers! #JCrew #MyShoeStory

Hey that reminds me of a quote!!! okay here: When you're in prison a good friend will be trying to get you out, a best friend will be in the next cell saying "dang wasn't that fun!"

A true friend, real feed back, we accept advice as words to better our selves, not criticism. They are coaches in life not critics, and we know that.

Friends Who Need'em ?? It Seem Like They Only Around You When You Have Something They Like Or Want