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Hampstead Heath bathing ponds. Often billed as the best city in the world, London is a vibrant hub of creativity, history, and culture. Whatever you’re in town for, check out our pins for the ultimate city break… #London #Fashiongetaways

May 2, 1194 AD - King Richard I of England gives Portsmouth its first Royal Charter granting permission for the borough to hold a fifteen-day annual "Free Market Fair", weekly markets, to set up a local court to deal with minor matters, and exemption from paying the annual tax, with the money instead used for local matters.

This statue of Richard I (The Lionheart) is outside the Palace of Westminster in London. Unfortunately, you can't get close enough to it to see the details (at least for me). Richard I was the son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. What a pedigree! In addition to being king of England, large areas of modern western France were part of his dukedom. He spent most of his reign outside of England, fighting in the Third Crusade. He was captured and held for ransom in Europe. His mother led the…

Defenders of King's Landing by Tomasz Jedruszek. Tyrion Lannister. "You won’t hear me shout out Joffrey’s name. You won’t hear me yell for Casterly Rock either. This is your city Stannis means to sack, and that’s your gate he’s bringing down. So come with me and kill the son of a bitch!"


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Both the ravens and Beefeaters are the guardians of the Tower of London. Whilst the Beefeaters are free to come and go; if the ravens were to leave the Tower, the kingdom would fall.