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God Shiva & Goddess Parvati, India, Madhya Pradesh, 1000s, Sandstone. Denver Art Museum, Colorado, USA

Exquisite Hand-Carved Ivory Figure of Shiva Nataraja 19TH CENTURY, INDIA - Perfect Condition.

Sculptures of Shiva in human form began to appear in Khmer art in the seventh century, probably in response to the rising popularity of the Vaishnava cult that celebrated Vishnu as a king-like divinity, accessible and benign. Khmer 7th-8th c.

Umamaheshvaramurti (Shiva seated with Uma). Bronze sculpture. India. Pala period, first half of the 9th century.

Shiva as Brahma, late 900s or early 1000s South India, Chola dynasty, late 10th - early 11th century

Shiva Painting, Bliss, Indian, Art, Mythology, Ganges river, Moon, Cobra, Third Eye, High Lighted with swarovski Crystals by Harsh Malik