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Pinner says: yorkie! THIS IS A SILKIE NOT A YORKIE> I have one and was told he was a yorkie when I bought him...but he is a silkie. Alot of confussion out there about yorkies,,,,there is a difference, look it up and read about them.

Teacup Yorkies are my love and one will be my wedding gift one day (;

will you just look at that Yorkie cute face!! #dogs #yorkie I want one sooooo bad!!!

micro teacup yorkie puppy - / - - Bookmark Your Local 14 day Weather FREE > www.weathertrends... No Ads or Apps or Hidden Costs

Smitty, my Yorkie, absolutely the cutest dog in the world!

look at me i'm in a teacup..but there is no such thing as teacup yorkies! A yorkie is a yorkie is a yorkie! Like people - some are midgets and some are giants.

I know it's not a Yorkie, but it has to be the cutest lil puppy ever!!! Soo adorable!! For more please visit: www.flyfreshforev...