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DIY: Fourth of July Star Jars

Spray paint over stickers on mason jars to create festive luminaries! Great idea for any holiday!

Fabric Candle Holders

Make these awesome candle holders by taking a strip of cloth and sticking it to the inner walls of the jar. Use battery-powered tea lights to light up the jar instead of candles to be on the safe side. Source: Fellow Fellow

Frosted glass Finish Spray - this looks awesome when you put stickers on wine bottles, put christmas lights in the bottle, spray it with this frosted glass spray and then after it dries, take the stickers off.....really cool looking!

How to make DIY mason jar candles

I tried this and it's super cute but my only tip is make sure you add a LOT of scent, my candle is really weak. I used a crackle wick in mine as well.

glitter bottomed glass

just get glitter get cups from the dollar store and (now it is about time to look at the picture for wht it is gonna turn into......)

Mason Jar Crafts

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser | This would make a cute addition in your bathroom. #DiyReady