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    How to paint around a toilet. Ha! I need this hint for painting tomorrow!

    This site has a TON of painting tips! Must go to this site before painting anything.

    Use aluminum foil instead of painter's tape over awkward fixtures...GENIUS.

    Use Press'n Seal plastic wrap to Paint behind Toilet

    Painting perfect lines...I've never heard of this technique before but it's worth a shot

    how to paint trim. this is genius!

    Peeling laminate off cabinets and painting underneath. Who knew you could do that?! gotta save in case I need this for the kitchen in a few years ;)

    painting the wall

    Pinner Said: Wish I knew these tips BEFORE we painted our entire house! Just read these, they are quick fast easy things that will make painting a little faster and less messy.

    Anything more disgusting than going to use the bathroom & seeing that they store the paper your about to use NEXT TO THEIR GERM RIDDEN TOILET..ON THE FLOOR NO LESS !

    To paint around a toilet, remove the tank lid and then cover it with a trash bag. Super smart!

    12 SUPER USEFUL Painting Tips & Tricks

    What everyone should know about Painting Perfect Lines. OMG!! Have to remember this brilliant idea on the next painting project!!! Finally!!!

    Add a tablespoon of vanilla extract per pint of paint and mix it in REALLY well. It doesn't affect the paint but it will get rid of the smell and you will be able to breath more easily with your next painting project.

    Make Reusable Swiffer Covers

    Mistakes People Make When Painting a Kitchen Table-this site has lots of furniture painting tips/ideas!

    Excellent space saving idea for a small bathroom.: Custom toilet paper holder

    How to paint behind your toilet tank: 1. Remove lid. 2. Take a drawstring kitchen garbage bag and place over tank. 3. Cut in front if needed for tight fit. 4. Draw drawstring to front to tighten bag in the back. 5. Place paper towels on floor to catch any drips. 6. Carefully paint with brush or extended reach painting tools. 7. When finished, put any used/wet paper towels on top of bag on open tank. 8. Grab bag at base of tank. Pull inside out as you remove. 9. All trash is in bag. Throw away!


    Or for a less costly approach to using marble products, look to these beautiful marble accessories for your bathroom by US brand, Waterworks.

    Hinged canvas frame to cover ugly stuff on the walls. love it