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Making bath time a luxury. While your skin is still warm from your bath, treat it to yet more loving care. Like the bath essences, Dr. Hauschka Body Care is created to enhance your mood and invigorate, refresh, relax or harmonise. Their caring formulations activate the skin’s protective functions and envelop you and your skin with a sense of natural wellbeing.

Treat your face with care. The face is the mirror of the soul. Stress and worry leave their traces on the skin. Therefore, treat your skin with care.

Ice Plant Body Care Lotion. Healthy skin serves an important function as a boundary to the external world. If this barrier function is disturbed, the skin becomes very dry. Itching, redness and flaking may result. When this happens, it is important to provide the skin with fortifying care.

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The new Dr. Hauschka Bath Essences. How do you feel today? Each bath essence is designed to complement a different mood: refreshing and soothing almond; arresting and invigorating lemon lemongrass; luxurious and harmonising moor lavender; and sensual and smooth rose. Alternatively, customise your bath with your own combination to perfectly suit your mood.

Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence. This finely aligned product with horse chestnut and horsetail extracts is based on a moor extract prepared using a special rhythmic procedure. When combined with warm water, it offers a sense of enveloping protection. Almond and avocado oil gently moisturise your skin.