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Portrait of the Marchesa Luisa Casati with a Greyhound - Giovanni Boldini This painting takes you back in time, back when women would wear large hats and lavish dresses. The portrait of this woman is simply beautiful, and took a lot of skill.

from Mail Online

Wilder than her pet cheetah, the sex-mad Black Venus who outwitted the Nazis: Remarkable story of Josephine Baker as Rihanna is set to play legendary seductress in biopic

‘Josephine’ dolls were sold, and fashionable women cut their hair in sleek ‘Josephine’ bobs. Everyone wanted to bed the Black Venus and she had hundreds of affairs with both men and women. The French writer George Simenon, who would boast of bedding 10,000 lovers in his lifetime, said that she was the only woman in Paris who could match his sexual energy.

from Molly Maureen Ginty


Cabaret legend Josephine Baker was born on June 3rd in 1906 in St. Louis, Missouri. After emigrating to France, she became the most successful performer in the nightclubs of 1920s Paris. Topless, wearing ostrich plumes and covered in sequins, Baker sometimes danced alongside her diamond-collared pet cheetah. Hear her sing her 1931 hit “J’Ai Deux Amors”

Heiress to the fortune of an Italian cotton manufacturer, Marchesa Luisa Casati lived extravagantly. She was known for wearing live snakes and riding in a carriage pulled by cheetahs which she also walked on diamond-studded leashes, wearing leapord-skin coats with nothing underneath, and having nude servants covered in gold leaf. She lived in the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, which later became the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.