New York Architecture Images- Manhattan Institute

Chicago movie theater, 1940

Teens, 1954 Teenage boy peering through ticket booth window at local movie theater.

Fly-in, Drive In Theater...1940's

New-York 1940 - Downtown skyport, Lower Manhattan

New-York 1940 - Downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge, East River.

“Picketing ‘Gone with the Wind’ at the Lincoln Theater”, ca. 1940, Washington, D.C.

Academy Theater in Inglewood, CA 1940

1940 - Movie Theatres on West 42nd Street, between Broadway & 8th Avenue

Wineland's Laurel Drive In Theater.

movie theater

March 1940 Movie Mirror-- Priscilla Lane

New York Harbor, Looking Toward Manhattan from the Footpath on Brooklyn Bridge, October, 1946

Drive-In Theater in San Francisco by Allan Grant 1948

Movie: Futurama 1939 New York World’s Fair “To New Horizons” 1940 General Motors 23min

** Vintage Photo Booth Picture ** Squishy family love! c. 1940 < I love this photo.

The Letter;1940; movie poster

1940's Movie Camera - Keystone Capri K-25 8 mm Film Camera. $36.00, via Etsy.

The Los Angeles Theater at night, on Broadway in downtown L.A., 1931

Saks Fifth Avenue - Beverly Hills (#03), in 1940. Architect: Paul Revere Williams. Love old architecture like this

Academy Theatre, Inglewood, 1940 ~ Lee, S. Charles, Architect. Julius Shulman photo