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Maddak Combination Dressing Stick / Shoehorn - 24" Long by Ableware. $11.97. Specially angled large hook that holds and pulls clothing without the clothing slipping off. 2 Pushers for removing shoes and clothing. Long shoehorn with a notch for taking off socks. Also be used for pushing and pulling drawers, doors, wheelchairs and other items. Retrieving clothing from beds, chairs, floors and closets. Turning light switches on and off. 24" long.

This best description for Chronic Pain. I'm staying out of the wheelchair as long as I can

Going to have to try this next time I get a migraine.

Oopsy Daisy! Beautiful Baby High Chair Hair Care is a rinse free shampoo leaves her hair soft and manageable – no rinsing needed- gets the stickness from snacks right outta there! (Do they make it for mommy too?)

Illness changes us, but we also change how illness impacts our life. It takes time. And you will be mad that it doesn't just change your life but takes time to learn to live with it--because YOU DON'T WANT to learn to live with it. But if you have recently been diagnosed and your heart aches... Know this.... This ache will grow smaller. Hang on. #lisacopen #illness #quote

Original Caption: Jack Smith, 42, Rhodell, West Virginia, Seated in the Beer Joint He Operates in a Wheel-Chair Bought for Him by His Friend Arnold Miller, President of the United Mine Workers Union. He Was Disabled at Age 21 after a Year in the Mines and Had to Wait 18 Years to Collect Workman's Compensation. He Stays Current on Union Affairs and Will Man a Picket Line. During the Strike for Black Lung Benefits His Wife Wheeled Him in Front of a Train to Stop It 05/1974 U.S. National Archives’ Local Identifier: 412-DA-14034 Photographer: Corn, Jack, 1929- Subjects: West Virginia (United States) state Environmental Protection Agency Project DOCUMERICA

Rosemary has long been believed to have memory-enhancing properties. It contains a diterpine that has neuroprotective properties that may protect against Alzheimer's disease as well as the normal memory loss that happens with aging. Remarkably, even the smell of rosemary has been found to improve memory. In addition, rosemary has been shown to increase blood flow to the head & brain, improving concentration.

Nail-polish marbling - great idea for all those old nail polish colours you no longer use!

This homemade rub is a relaxing treat that soothes tired, achy muscles, menstrual cramps, psoriasis, arthritis pain, shingles, nerve pain and more.

The worst thing you can do to a person with an invisible illness ...