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Philosophe: French for "philosopher"; applied to all intellectuals during the Enlightenment

Philosophe: French for "philosopher"; applied to all intellectuals during the Enlightenment

the link goes to an entry from Cracked.com which has curse words so read with that in mind....personally I LOVED it and giggled a lot                ♻keep on reduce reuse recyclin' in the free world

4 Ways High School Makes You Hate Reading

Literary imagination is an aesthetic object offered by a writer to a lover of books. Gaston Bachelard

Девушек образование портит O cão que comeu o livro.: As leitoras de Daniela Zekina e uma citação / Women reading by Daniela Zekina and a quote

cat girl beautiful hipster vintage indie coffee book hand mug tea cup soft grunge

A good book, a cup of tea, and someone to turn the pages for you - a cat's life

It's probably because I've changed into a completely new person in the process of becoming the characters in the book.

Forgetting yourself in a book…

I like my men how I like my books. Well read and leather-bound. tom hiddleston

I like my men like I like my books: well read and leather bound. Tom Hiddleston shall suffice.

We'd love to be able to do this - but we'd need a bigger bookshelf!

This is awesome! We used to make nooks like this in our bedroom closets when we were kids. A perfect place to daydream. The video-game playing kids of today are really missing out!

de Barros - Unknown title

Andre Martins de Barros, he has a whole bunch of these book face works

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"Overbooked" acrylic painting by Lori Preusch This image is available as a studio print at dandelion press.