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Which Noble Gas Are You?

Pokemon HeartGold: I nicknamed the Togepi that hatched from Professor Elm's egg "Toshiro" after Toshiro Mifune, because I think the evolved forms will need a heroic name. Use FLY Toshiro! (DS)

Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. I owned Red as a kid, my brother had Blue ^^ Here are some more starter pokemon from other regions:

Evolution... this is seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen ! @Noah Guy Gilliam since this is one of your favourites!

And that Pokemon for me, changed every game ... You grow attached to the ones you raise... You name them... You smile when they win a battle ... U shout when there close to fainting .. And u cry when they faint like they were dead... This is what a true Pokemon master is ...