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  • Becky cutbill


  • Pam Avila

    T-Rexes don’t really love each other...bahaha funny stuff!!

  • Mysha Lovell

    t rex -i'm glad i'm not a t-rex, cuz when i say i love you this much and hold my arms out it's a lot!!! (but still not wide enough) -I'm glad you're not a trex either cuz I love your long arms wrapped around me. They fit perfectly around me!

  • Nedda Dayley

    true story

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SO funny and bet it stops the argument. Love the look on her face, big 'ol AND WHAT LOL

dear god, the pain.

I don't know why I think Leo not having an Oscar is so funny. Maybe because I think it's so absurd? I dunno, but I just laughed real hard.

@Julie McIntosh I don't know why . . . but I thought you would enjoy this. "Dude, look! I'm flowers!"

aww so cute...could totally see Bentley doing this. However, I would not be very happy if he did. Lucky for him he's just too damn cute I can't stay mad at him for long.

...the sad part is I'm a woman, just not those women, although I know enough. Truth.

Ambercrombie and Fitch CEO looks like an albino Orc.