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We are wine club memebers here as well. They have the best cab franc in California, hands down! Not to mention unique varietals.

some of the best tasting wines I ever had and the owner of the winery was awesome. He easily persuaded me to drop several hundred dollars on 6 bottles of wine and join the wine club!

What a blast! We had so much fun with the guys at Lava Vine, and walked away with an incredible bottle of vino.

Monogrammed Wine Lantern

The monogrammed lantern is made from a recycled wine bottle. This lantern will light your way on any dark night or get rid of those pesky bugs when burning citronella. The lantern makes a great gift for the "green" person in your family, or for anyone who likes to spend a little time outdoors.

I discovered about 15 more vinho verde labels this summer, I have 6 bottles I managed not to drink in my luggage right now. There is just something fantastic about wine from it's source. Anyone up for a Vino Viernes next summer on the patio of the Quinta?