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I can not get enough of this guy. I can't WAIT for Brin to wake up and watch him. He is one of the most accurate to ASL I have seen in music interpretation. Love him!

"Grenade" Bruno Mars (ASL). I am not sure why i find this to be so totally awesome, but i do. maybe I'm just an ASL nerd but i love this! She has really great facial expression and i understood clearly everything that she was signing.... really beautiful job.

Stop whatever you're doing and watch this. It is beautiful. "say something" in american sign language (jason listman)

"For your child, this dance will activate formative links in the developing brain, teach vocabulary, word recognition, provoke positive feedback form others, engender feelings of self worth, give access to deaf people and ultimately aid communicative ability." -Marilyn Daniels, Dancing with Words

ASL because my daughter deserve good communication

American Sign Language WORD ORDER. Several examples of the unique grammatical structure of words in this signed language which is not similar to English's. ASL's most basic sentence structure: Subject-Object-Verb ("STORE. ME GO THERE") using 3D space and order to differentiate between Subj & Obj. Unlike English: Subject-Verb-Object ("I go to the store").

ASL ♥ it's never too early to teach Toria sign. In learned when I was young.

ASL, The Giving Tree (+playlist)

Signing:) how my son told me he loved for the first time was by signing, melted my heart

I Really Love You Sign Language Rubber Stamps Hearing Loss, Deaf ...