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This elephant may be far away from the front but is still providing vital work, helping a woman plough a field at Sir George Sanger's farm in Surrey, England

This was so me when I was a little girl!!!...and I had a stick horse when I really wanted to get somewhere. When I was five, I graduated to the real thing...been horse crazy ever since.

The Camel The British Empire established The Imperial Camel Corps (ICC) during World War 1. The camel-mounted infantry was used in the Middle East. Camels were used to transport equipment and supplies but due to the camel's ability to travel long distances and to withstand dehydration, they also became efficient forms of transport for the fighting soldiers. The one draw back was their temperament apparently!

Sikh Soldiers in World War I, Title: East and West Meet in Mortal Combat, Indian Troops Carrying a German Position Artist: Ernest Prater c.1914, The Graphic, Dec. 12, 1914 issue.

A Captain of one of the British regiments leading his horse on the Amiens-Albert road with his pet dog resting on the saddle, 25 August 1916. (Photograph by Lt. John W. Brooke) (© IWM Q 4152)

The 50 Most Powerful Pictures In American History

An American sailor passionately kisses a nurse as thousands jam into Times Square to celebrate the long-awaited victory over Japan in World War II.

Wounded war horses arriving at No. 5 Veterinary Hospital at Abbeville, 22 April 1918.