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  • Marion K.

    Just Breathe. <3 neck tattoo

  • Allison Davis

    Just Breathe. <3 this but would put it on my wrist in white ink

  • Scarlett Simancek

    Just Breathe <3 more tattoo ideas! I want another one!

  • Hailey .

    Just Breathe tattoo. Still love this placement... If only I didn't have a tattoo there. #placement #tattoo #ink #just #breath #love

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Freja's Tattoo "Serendipity Is Me" by j'adoreFASHION, via Flickr

This is my 6th tattoo. I got it in memory of my 4 great grandmothers. I grew up with all 4 of them and they all died within a year of each other (when i was 22).  The sparrows always return to the same location when the migrate. In addition, once they find a mate they always keep them. As a maritime/sailing tradition it symbolizes that no matter how far a sailor travels, they will return home and be faithful. This tattoo is by Wes Schulz at DreamsCollide in Lancaster, PA

Wonderwoman tattoo. Not for me, but just because this is an awesomely cute tattoo with some amazingly well done work!

Freja Beha - 'Serendipity Is Life'

Beautiful bird tattoo! I love this one, esp the placement and size! CLICK THE PIC and Learn how you can EARN MONEY while still having fun on Pinterest

but the fighter still remains | lyrical tattoo | simon & garfunkel : the boxer | this is my handwriting - not a font

Blessed tattoo, only across my right wrist.

I told you to be patient, fine. Balanced. Kind.