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Domestic shorthair cat licking his paw

Tabby Cat Facts

My funny feline — rational explanations for why your cat acts so weird

While some cats are busy LOLing, Henri is morosely lounging around his flat, delivering biting insight into the feline condition. "I am free to go. Yet I remain."

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As a responsible pet parent, you should be aware of certain diseases your dog or cat can transmit to you and your loved ones.

Can dogs be jealous? Many dog owners believe that their dog experiences jealousy. They may be jealous of another dog that the owner is

Ez a cikk egy félreértésből született. Egy olvasó - név szerint Criticalrider (akit ez úton is üdvözlök) kommentjén akadt meg a szemem, ami így kezdődik: Kissé leegyszerűsítetted a dolgot. Gondoltam, megválaszolom, mert jófej vagyok. Aztán vettem észre, hogy nem a cikknek - nem a Szalonnának - szólt

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brown-colored British Shorthair kitten

British short hair cinnamon kitten- so cute have never really seen brown kitten/ cats before .

Security in client's homes.

Monthly Subscription Boxes For Dogs: What to Expect Subscription boxes are all the rage these days, and so why shouldn't our beloved canines get in on the action too? There are many dog subscription boxes on the

Are you ready for a cat? Find out and see which cat breed is right for you. Via www.purina.com.au... #video #drjo

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The Humor Train http://ibeebz.com

Very interesting post: Strange Coincidence Photos). Also dompiсt.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Pictures.

ココが痛いnyaんか? 旧作品No.7650 | pya! (ネタサイト)

Thanks, Reiki Cat! Hand 7 Stone offers many different modalities of massage including Reiki!

Goodbye Leo: Dr Jo says goodbye to her BIG cat

Saying goodbye to your pet is never easy. Saying goodbye to our BIG cat Leo has been heartbreaking.

Renowned animal behaviourist, Dr Joanne Righetti and her Main Coon cat, Leo. Dr Jo shares her top 3 tips for a happy life with pets.

Dr Joanne Righetti pet owner in Sydney . Learn more about Dr Joanne Righetti and their pets on Pedegru, the online community of pet breeders and owners.