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My one dream is to have a boyfriend who looks like this or somewhat like this: snakebites (or spiderbites or viper bites), black flippy hair that cover his one eye, so that when he smiles his perfect or imperfect smile at me, his blie or green eyes staring straight at me like I'm the only girl in the building or world; a black or blue or whatever colored jacket that he'll give me whether he's cold or not, that smells like him, and I never want to take the jacket off. I want his love forever.

Shit... Emos you stole my heart. But can I have this one for my birthday since it's closer than Christmas please?

TAUNT - jeer, twit, gibe, tease, flaunt, poke fun at, satirize, kid, harass, torment, deride, ridicule, slam, revile, scorn, insult, offend, affront, slap in the face, sneer, sarcastic, mock, cut, put-down

Vegan Candy Cane Meringue Kisses

Hi I'm Gabriel I'm shy and sweet I love skateboarding.......I'm single and last relationship didn't end well *frowns* so yeah come say hi