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P Angstadt making ordinary extraordinary. form/function. ergonomics. abstraction. multiple views. blow ups. space. line quality. value. texture. juxta.

In a grid of 4: 1 apple in gesture (Line) 1 apple using charcoal (value) 1 apple using color 1 apple using cross hatch (textural) All apples show space, form, shape.

Chuck Close Art Project idea for Upper Middle School and High School. Draw different textures/patterns or even hidden objects of various values in each square.

Now you color the shapes with oil pastels in various shades of blue, making sure to fill the whole surface of the vase. After that you cover the vases with a layer of white acrylic paint or white gesso primer and wait until it dries.

from Stay Home Club

Greyscale Kitties Print

This image represents the element of value because the cats are acting as a greyscale, depicting various tints and shades.

(Original Pinner) made this book for pre-k class to celebrate the diversity in the classroom. You can guess which student is shown based on just their hair. Then lift the flap and see if you were correct--there is a picture of each student's face underneath! This book opens discussion of the various colors and textures of hair within the class, and could even be used in a science center, as children identify similarities and differences as they use classification and reasoning skills!