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I couldn't help but notice in #3 they were presuming a major in philosophy would wind up as a waiter/waitress

Sausage Gravy Breakfast Pizza

Recipe for Sausage Gravy Breakfast Pizza: This is almost like biscuits and gravy...with extra sausage AND cheese! Yes please!


i want this to be the caption on my christmas card while im holding my cat. while wearing matching sweaters. with a straight face.

Pizza Waffle Fries Are a Glorious Sight to Behold — Delicious Links

 It shouldn't come as any surprise that Italians have a hard time adjusting to the food in America, surprisingly that also applies to home cooked meals! That is because it is hard to get the right ingredients here and things —including home cooked...


- Things in life happen for a reason but 'sometimes' the things in life that happen are based off of the silly or irrational choices that we make. 'Sometimes' we can control what happens in our life, for the good or the bad. 'Sometimes' -- it is up to us.