A History of Barbie

A History of Barbie

Vintage Straight Leg Midge Doll is the first Midge - Barbie's Best Friend, she was first sold in 1963

Sears 1962 AD

March 9, 1959 – 2018 Barbie Doll™ History and Collecting

Barbie and Friends, 1962 Sears catalog - I had this exact bubblecut Barbie (same suit and hair color), the Fashion Queen Barbie on the right (with her 3 wigs) and a blonde Midge who had a swim suit in two colors of blue!

Midge, Barbie's friend, first released in 1963

Midge, Barbie's friend, first released in That was the same year I got her for Christmas. How I loved my Barbie and Midge dolls!

The Mods. 1960s Big Eyed Dancing Go Go Children by Lee. Mom put these stickers on our bedroom walls back in the 60's...

Keane big-eyed mod kids - we had this hanging in the play area of our basement forever