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Groot Fullsize Cosplay Build - #1 - The Base and Costume so Far

Ever wondered how you might tackle a HUGE costume project? It's not really LARP, but in this video Vicki goes behind the scenes to show us what a long term work in progress Groot costume looks like.

Armoured Brownies Mask Competition

Vicki from Armoured Brownies is giving away not one, but TWO masks this week! Although they might not be quite ideal for most LARPs, if you're into Cosplay then perhaps this might inspire your next costume! All you have to do is watch the video and find a friend!

Clothing Your Crew

Clothing Your Crew at LARP

Cosplay Chemicals - Clear Polyurethane Resins - Polycraft FC6620, FC6666 & Easyflo clear resin

Ever wondered how you might go about making your own prosthetics and props for LARP? Vicki from Armoured Brownies shares some of the chemicals that she uses for casting resin objects.

Ana Amari Eyepatch - Overwatch Cosplay Tutorial

After a hiatus from LARP Guide, Vicki from Armoured Brownies is back! This time she's experimenting with a new sculpting material to make an eyepatch.

A Good LRP Library

Are there any books that you go back to over and over again for inspiration at LARP? Which books do you always recommend to others for helping you to create characters or worlds? Post a comment below with your favourites!

Finished Roadhog Mask - Overwatch Cosplay Tutorial

Vicki from Armoured Brownies has been working hard again to create new sculpts of masks for cosplay. If you want an insight to see what kind of work it takes to make a mask you should have a watch of her YouTube video. It's also worth mentionining that in September Vicki became an undergraduate art student who is literally funding her university degree with her fantastic cosplay and LARP products. So if you're thinking about commissioning a piece, I'm sure she'd love to talk to you…

From chatting to LARP traders at various points over the last year it seems that diversifying is the way forward money is to keep flowing into coffers. All kinds of interesting projects have been g...

Making garb for LARP can seem like an expensive choice if you're new, but it might not be as costly as you think...