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Snuggle time

kitten pile!

If the Avengers were cats, Tony would totally be a sleek Siamese in purrfectly tailored armor. And the Hulk would definitely be a big fluffy Persian - or a Maine Coon.

Mewtwo Gizmo Whitebelly Whitebelly

smelling the flowers. Sojos Pet Food

This is adorable...

Morning stroll

Beautiful black and white cat silhouette

Kitty Jules Was Probably Less Than Twelve Hours Old When They Found Her…

Someone Wants To Say Hi!

I Need Dis Cat #meme #cat #food

3 little kittens

History is filled with folklore about cats. One of the most charming stories comes from Russia. They say that if there is at least one cat on the roofs of any town, it means angels are there to protect all those who live there. Painting by Vladimir Rumyantsev

This beautiful kitty with giant toes and feet was taken in by Panda Paws Rescue...She is showing off her big feet and many toes. ❤

maru & hana. 7/10, 2-1 私信

siberian (hypo allergenic) cats!

Dont Tell Me How To Live My Life cute animals cat cats adorable animal kittens pets kitten funny pictures funny animals funny cats

Hahaha - nope!

Cat Fact: Cats can change their meow to manipulate a human. They often imitate a human baby when they need food, for example.

One chilled cat - Whispering Winds

Pitbulls ♥