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Aerial view of Tzova. In 1170 a Crusader fortress, Belmont, was originally built there to guard the route to Jerusalem. Belmont was conquered by Saladin in 1191

Bodrum Shore Excursion: Private Half-Day City Highlights Tour While your ship is in Bodrum port, see the city’s three historical big-hitters on this 4-hour private shore excursion. With an expert guide beside you, visit Bodrum Castle (Castle of St Peter), the picture-perfect Crusader fortress perched between the city’s two bays. View its dungeons and battlements, and roam its Museum of Underwater Archaeology, stuffed with ancient shipwrecks and undersea treasures. Finish...

Crak de Montreal (Jordan) - built in 1115 by Baldwin I of Jerusalem. The knights of the castle controlled the commerce of the area, as pilgrims and merchants needed permission to travel past. Saladin, who invaded the kingdom in 1187, laid siege to Montreal for two years, but was unable to use siege engines because of the hill. It is said that, during the siege, the defending crusader knights sold their wives and children for food. The castle finally fell to Saladin in May 1189.

Montfort is a ruined crusader castle in the Upper Galilee region in northern Israel, about 22 miles (35 km) northeast of the city of Haifa and 10 miles (16 km) south of the border with Lebanon. The fortress is built on a narrow and steep cliff above the southern bank of Nahal Kziv (stream in northern Israel).