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The Hunger Games Quotes I honestly think im addicted to hunger games I have issues . " I volunteer as tribute"

I love this movie! Aside from the theme of the movie, it does have really good quotes and life lessons.

Ok so let me start this board out with my absolute favorite book/ movie:The Hunger Games. Here's some quotes from the book.

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2/4 behind the scenes of Catching Fire ♥

Ain't this beautiful I don't know why they didn't add this in Catching Fire? Your definitely gonna feel something in this scene it's so beautiful!

I hate whoever did this.>>>>>Literally put a sad face on my face.. if that makes sense.

I feel like if katniss hasn't volunteered, Gale would've gone in to protect Prim. So the same conversation but Gale having volunteered in Peeta's place.

#FANGIRLING. I think we are all ceaser flickerman's because he is like the biggest katniss/peeta shipper in the capitol!

Pretty much.<<<I just made the weirdest laugh ever, a cross between a chipmunk and hyena which basically means I laughed just like all us Fangirls do, because this is so true! That would totally be me!

Gale's POV??????? U r obviously on team ganiss (pronounced gay-ness) this series has the best team names! :)

Hunger games bucket list I'd also want to read the book from peeta's point of view


Map of Panem (Hunger Games).looks like I would be living in District chilling with Katniss, Gale & Peeta.<< I'd be underwater. Great, I've always wanted to live underwater!

That's so me!

Hunger Games Map Of Panem. Okay, but is that the OFFICIAL map of Panem? Because that means I am underwater and that makes me sad. Then again I'll be dead so I won't be reaped.