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before it was cool

If you want to add some sunshine to your long day, look no further than the clever, entertaining and even cute illustrations of Randy Otter (aka Aaron Jay)

i just don't get any of this

i just don't get any of this

hmmm... cute i think. 'veggie.saurus'

I brought hummus. Oh great, who invited the herbivore? by © Gemma Correll

Dental #StephensDDS #stephensdentistry.com  #Dentist

How did dinosaurs clean their teeth? Children's Dental Health Center, Tulsa OK

SO MANY BAD WORDS! These would be more funny people didn't cuss.

A collection of funny autocorrect text message fails If you need a good laugh, read this!

If princesses were hipsters.

If princesses were hipsters.

Light fossils – Dinosaurs and Light Painting

would it be ok if I wore this as a t-shirt? would it be ok if I wore it ironically?

Hipster Translator (Chart written by Amaya Perea, Designed by Randall Maynard.

I never knew!

How vegans "we don't have meat eater teeth" think evolution works.

I don't know anyone on campus that fits these parameters...oh wait...haha.

Hipster guide

Hipster logic: Well - just realized that a mashup of me and Reed makes hipster life.

"God asks no man whether he will accept life. That is not the choice. You must take it. THE ONLY CHOICE IS HOW." ~ Henry Ward Beecher

I kinda' feel sorry for the last beet! Beets are one of my favorite veggies. There's actually a Red Beet Festival in my county in October. Beet ice cream, anyone? Don't laugh, it's my very favorite flavor!