baby goats are so freaking cute

omg baby sheep you are adorable!

pygmy goat :)

What adorable.

Baby Bambi


Probably the cutest baby animal alive

Widdle Weenie Woof Woof

He's not a puppy or a kitty, but baby donkeys are pretty darn cute too.

SOOOOOOOO!!!! adorable this is a baby nigerian dwarf goat they are the best breed of goats for pets they are also the smallest breed im by louellaa

its rare seeing a normal panther but a baby wow!!!

Baby Dolphin! I WANT ONE!

Baby llama! So sweet

Miniature donkeys ~ adorable.

My heart might burst right out of my chest.

#Babygoats are sooooo #cute! Looking for a cute #stockingstuffer? Make a family in Africa happy & donate farm animals as a gift this #christmas!

greatest thing ever.

Baby Otters | Baby of our species has competition in pictures with cuties like this. LOOK at those faces!!!

help save the elephants so this little one gets to stay with his/her mom. She's vulnerable to poachers.

Just a handful of turtles...