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Безплатна кастрация на домашни кучета ще се извършва в Бургас. Инициативата се осъществява от Общината със съдействието на СНЦ „Спаси прияте...

Logo Design: The Work of Vladimirs Jeberza

For our midweek logo selection we prepared a very cool collection of dog logo designs. Varying from cute to fears, from natural looking to bionic or toyish, you'll find a great variety of dog logo designs concepts and styles.

Информацията достига до вас със съдействието на Димитър Джуров – развъдник “Caelus Antiquum”

This comic is arranged after oldest to newest! (NOTE, my skill improves quite alot throughout this comic. Ep. 1 and 2 were more or less sketched. From ep. 3 and out I started to put more heart into...

София: 600 кучета осиновени за година - Първи Български Зоопортал

Early in the morning on August 21, a baby Rothschild’s Giraffe was born at New Zealand’s Auckland Zoo! The male calf was born to mother Kiraka and father Zabulu. This is the second calf for Kiraka and the first male calf to be born at the zoo since 2010.