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Love is. I adore these old comic stips. My Grandmother used to clip these from the newspaper and send them to me. She was the sweetest thing.said Shelly

Proud Grandma!

Love is.being the proudest grandma ever. I am one of the proudest grandmother's. First grandchild, baby Kalvin.

Love is...our children & grandchildren...ALWAYS!

I always loved these little pictures and love is sayings. Iove Is.when a little hand finds yours

This is true and I wish you lived closer so we could do it more often. Love you so much.

I love my visits from my beautiful granddaughter Cheyenne, she fills my heart with so much love.

Holding your baby's baby

The joy we found when we held our first grandson for the first time on june surely touched our hearts.

Love Is... holding the whole world in your arms.

Reminds me of the feeling I have when I hold Lil Pea. 50 Cute "Love Is" Comics by Kim Casali

Love is....so much joy from something so small

Each of our five grandchildren brings us so much joy - that's what 'Love is'

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The most precious jewels you’ll ever have around your neck are the arms of your grandchildren.