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Blog: Splits -- In ancient Rome, during triumphal marches through the city, a slave always rode on the chariot carrying the conquering hero. His job was to hold a laurel wreath over the hero’s head while whispering “Remember, thou art but a man.” Wise people, those Romans.... For the full blog, click

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EXACTLY ~ my thoughts!!!

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The night United conquered Real Madrid

Busby babes manchester united

What Triggers Thyroid Autoimmunity? Thyroid disease tends to run in the family... But what can you do if it affects yours?

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Olivia and Johannes (NAIMA BARCELONA)

Olivia and Johannes

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My Book: Journey Through Deployment

Journey Through Deployment: Stepping Forward with Confidence During Military Separations is filled with: Tips for preparing yourself and your family for deployment. Hope and encouragement to get you through deployment. A section for civilians to learn what military life is like. Tips for preparing yourself and your family for reintegration. Stories, lessons, and journeys of other military spouses just like you!

"I'm so sorry"... the true meaning of strength. Watching my sister conquer the storm of her life...the loss of her child. #stillbirth #stillborn #true #strength #love #birth #pain #conquer #baby #heaven #angel #mother #sister #faith #blog #family #prayer #hero

Sameena Baig, first Pakistani woman mountaineer with her brother Mirza Ali hailing from Gilgit Pakistan successfully climbed the world’s highest mountain “ MOUNT EVEREST on May 19, 2013 at 7:40 AM local time. Sameena Baig become the first woman mountaineer, while Mirza Ali the third and youngest Pakistani male to have the honor of raising national green flag on the top of the world’s highest peak.

Because Gladys dared to trust God and take Him at His Word, she lived one of the most conquering, victorious lives this world has ever seen.

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Illustrated SleeperHero Storybook & Doll

SleeperHero book and doll - to help your little one conquer their nighttime fears. red light/green light for when it's ok to get up, too!

The “Curse of Eve”—Is Pain Our Punishment? Part I...How a certain Bible verse has negatively impacted generations of women and their perceptions of birth.

This woman survived an abortion and she is conquering cerebral Palsy. She is my inspritation and my hero. Search her story and I guarantee you will be impressed by her zest for life and her optimism. #Gianna Jessen

BLOG: E Unim Pluribus.... I've always been fascinated by historical trivia, and one of my favorites is that, in ancient Rome, as conquering heroes marched in triumph through the cheering crowds, a slave would ride on the hero's chariot, standing directly behind him, holding a laurel wreath over his head while whispering “Remember, thou art but a man.” Wise people, those Romans.... (For the full blog, click www.doriengreyandme,com)

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Why You Shouldn’t Worry quote - Corrie Ten Boom was a Dutch Christian who helped many Jews escape during the holocaust.

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10 Solutions For Annoying Skin Issues Plaguing Millennials

Millennial Skin Problems - Skin Issues Young People Have - Cosmopolitan