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Gaozong was the 5th son of Emperor Huizong and the younger half-brother of Emperor Qinzong. His mother was a concubine from the Wei (韦) family who later became empress dowager. Gaozong was also a notable poet, and had significant influence on other Chinese poets. Among his surviving works is "Quatrain on Heavenly Mountain" (left). Gaozong abdicated in 1162 after reigning for more than 35 years but lived on until 1187. He was 80 when he died. His temple name means "High Ancestor".

Chinese Furniture- Folding Armchair, Ming Dynasty. Handwritings and paintings by well-known calligraphers and painters were engraved in desks and chairs, increasing the artistic and aesthetic value of the furniture. Zhou Tianqiu, a Ming calligraphy master, was so fond of his red sandalwood chair that he wrote on the backrest, 'sitting on this chair, I feel one day is worth two days. If I live for 70 years, it would be worth 140 years.'