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    DIY brown sugar lip scrub: give your pout some tender lovin' care

    DIY brown sugar lip scrub: give your pout some tender lovin' care - If the thought of dry, chapped lips gives you the heeber-jeebers, then this DIY recipe will be your new winter survival guide.
    • Terri Waddell

      sugar body scrub 1/4 cup coconut oil 1 tablespoon ginger, coarsely chopped 1/4 cup cold-pressed oil (tea seed, grape seed, sunflower, or almond oil) 3/4 cup granulated or turbinado sugar 1/4 cup kosher salt 1-4 drops essential oil For the complete recipe, click here. And to try other natural sugar scrubs, check out these other recipes from In Words and Pictures, Rebecca's Soap Deli News, Under the Table and Dreaming, and Prudent Baby.

    • Apsara Skin Care

      Make your own ginger and coconut oil sugar scrub for body and face #scrub #diy #coconutoil #coconut #sugar #ginger #body #face #skincare #bathe

    • Yvonne Star

      Homemade Gift Idea #5 Ginger & Coconut Oil Sugar Body Scrub from

    • DeAnna Sanchez

      [ DIY Recipe: Ginger Coconut Oil Sugar Body Scrub ] made with: coconut oil, ginger, cold-pressed oil (tea seed, jojoba, sunflower, or almond oil), granulated (or turbinado) sugar, kosher salt, and essential oil (author used lemongrass). ~ from Food for my Family

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