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Exploring East Cuba: Biran And Salto Del Guayabo Waterfall

In Cuba I did an awesome jeep safari. I visited the village of Biran, birthplace of Fidel Castro, and the Salto del Guayabo waterfall. On the jeep safari I came across rice fields, pine forest, tropical jungle and farmland. I drove over roads that were in perfect condition and roads that could barely be called road. A great activity in the East of Cuba!

Awesome tips on how to enjoy your stay in Vinales

Do you want to visit one of the most beautiful corners of Cuba? Then you should put Vinales on your to-do list.

First Hand Guide for Americans Traveling To Cuba in 2017

Are you an American traveling to Cuba? Traveling to Cuba is getting easier and easier every day. We just spent 10 days exploring Cuba. In our guide we go over how to get a Cuba visa. How to fly to Cuba from the USA? Money to bring to Cuba? Exchanging money in Cuba, where to go in Cuba, Wifi in Cuba, and much much more.

Vinales Cuba - Sunset Walking Tours and Exploring Mogotes

Vinales, Cuba ~~ A gorgeous valley of massive cliff structures, tobacco farms, coffee plantations, and epically long cave systems! A travel blog from See Her Travel

What It’s Really Like to Vacation in Havana, Cuba

11 Fun and Not-So-Obvious things to do in Havana, Cuba

Cuba is an amazing country that is on most travellers’ bucket list, and for a number of very good reasons. It is one of those places that grows on you: for as shocking, different, difficult and at times simply frustrating I found it, I could not help falling completely in love with it. So much so, that since I have left the country I have been wanting to visit again. | 11 Fun and Not-So-Obvious things to do in Havana, Cuba | The Planet D Adventure Travel Blog

IN PHOTOS – Piva Canyon and Durmitor national park, Montenegro

An Ode To Ancient Angkor

The complex of Angkor Wat is amazing, breathtaking and massive. Bayon Temple, Baphuon, the terrace of the Elephants, Angkor Thom and jungle temple Ta Prohm are just a few of the historical wonders Angkor Wat has to offer. Be inspired by these pictures to visit this ancient World Wonder.

Activities On Bohol: 1 Day Sightseeing Itinerary

I love exploring places, islands in particular, on a scooter. So much fun!!! I loved driving through little villages and the green countryside during my 1 day road trip on beautiful Bohol, the Philippines. I visited the Tarsier Sanctuary, the Manmade Forest, the famous Chocolate Hills and more!