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    หมาผิดอะไรด้วย 12 Reasons to Oppose Breed-Discriminatory Legislation - A comprehensive look at why discriminatory dog laws are not the answer

  • Eyal Danay

    Pit bull's - Eyal Danay - Picasa Web Albums

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Somebody’s Got to Do It - A foster mom who cares for ‘fugitive’ dogs from Ontario’s breed-discriminatory legislation shares her reasons for fostering

this is a dog. He does not hate you because of your ethnicity, your sexuality, your gender, or your appearance. He loves you and will always love you regardless. Return the favor. Breed Discrimination: just say, NO!

Humans buy me. Humans over breed me. Human cut my ears off. Humans beat me. Humans MAKE me fight. and I"M THE ONE YOU WANT TO BAN? I'M THE ONE WHO GETS THE BAD RAP? I'M THE ONE YOU FEAR??? Hello - what's wrong with this? I'm just the dog in the middle of this - sweet, lovable, compassionate and caring - until a bad person hurts me and then I'm frightened. PLEASE End BSL!

BSL: I hate that when I went to adopt my Border Collie they took one look at my other dog which is an American Bulldog and told me to make sure he always has his collar on because if he get out we would kill him. I asked why because he looked too much like a Pitbull.

BSL is just not right! god this made me cry !!!! totally love this !!!

Top 5 family dog breeds | Breed#05

Oh my gosh, look at this dog! It looks like it can see right into your soul, it knows everything you are, everything you want to be, and ever will be.

10 Tips for Attending a City Council Meeting or Public Hearing Where Discriminatory Dog Laws are Being Discussed

my sister has a pit and as dumb as he is, he's super friendly and wouldn't rip you apart unless you hurt her

Flying Dutchman by Kooikerhondje, via Flickr