Vintage street style: Meet Vivian Maier, the woman who invented street style photography in the Photo: ©Vivian Maier/Maloof Collection

Un homme achète 10 000 négatifs photographiques aux enchères locales et découvre l'une des plus importantes photographes du milieu du 20e siècle. Imaginez ceci:

L'une des plus importantes photographes du milieu du 20e siècle

Woman in a polka pot dress NYC (1946) - Photographed by Stanley Kubrick

photographs by stanley kubrick look magazine life in new york Walking the Streets of New York – 1946


A pet swan being helped into a car where it enjoys a ride to the shops. Its owner Mrs Watson of Chesham, Buckinghamshire says that 'Leila' who has been a family pet for two years, can open doors and is a good guard 'dog'.

Photo : Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier street photography du New York et Chicago des années 50/60

Not much is known about Vivian Maier’s life, but what we do know speaks volumes. Of French and Austro-Hungarian descent, Vivian bounced back and forth between E

Ultimately, if you're the organizer, you get to choose who's on the guest list.

Organising A Mum's Night Out? The Rules of Who Goes (& Who Doesn't)

Sinergia Compulsiva

what a great photo.little boys who imitate men.a very important observation in life.your little man is always watching you.

Vivian Maier - 1961, Chicago IL, (two women w/furs) / Silver Gelatin Print - 12 x 12 (on 16x20 paper)

Vivian Maier Street Gallery of photos taken by the photographer Vivian Maier. One of multiple galleries on the official Vivian Maier website.

Sally Mann has used her 8 x 10 view camera to capture in fine detail, among other subjects, images of her children as they mimic and act out social and familial roles in the lush landscape of their rural Virginia home.

Sally Mann - Candy cigarette - 1989 is that a kid on stilts in the background? And I remember getting a spanking for buying that candy as a kid.

Jane and Sergei

Couple Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin - noir et blanc - black and white - iconic