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    "Phoenix" is also an ancient name for a person who could control fire. The Druids believed certain individuals had a special connection to the Sidhe that allowed him or her to manipulate a natural element. A Phoenix was revered as a guiding light in their society, and many believed that when a Phoenix died, their soul was passed on to the next generation. It's unknown whether the myth of the Phoenix bird arose from the Distortion myth or vice versa. // Jordan Finch

    • Judith Stevens

      { Insert amazingly awesome quote here } ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring pictures, backgrounds, photos, photography, fire and filler

    • Samantha Chaffin

      "i watch, mesmerized, as the fire curls gently around his hands, finger by finger. he catches me looking and gives me a wink as the flames swirl up his wrists to lick at his elbows."

    • Nunu - chan

      "He cautiously placed his hands back into the golden inferno, feeling nothing but the same tingling sensation from before as the fire dimmed and his hands began to glow..."

    • Stella Eyers

      Silva looked down at her hands. It was showing. This time, she had even less control over it. It was so beautiful - why not just show it? The flame crept to her soul; it's freedom, it's wildness, it's beauty - it's fire.

    • Lacey Face

      "Um, Ember? What are you doing?" "I'm going to start a fire." Ember turned to glare at their captive sitting a few feet away, bound so he couldn't run. "I'm going to start a fire in his hair." "Whoa, hold on there, little smoky!" "Don't call me that. Declan called me that." For a moment the flames spluttered in her hands, then died. Ember pressed her hand against her eyes.

    • Mary Evelyn Clark

      I stare at my hands in awe, feeling nothing but a warm tingle in my skin, though the fire licked all around them. "Amazing." I breathe.

    • Ethmel

      Fire Deviant Inspiration

    • Amaya Soluna

      #element #fire #hands

    • Aldo Barreto

      Sofia Minetto

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