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Garbage candy. Remember these?

garbage candy LOVED the garbage can. I can remember eating this like it was yesterday.

Bazooka gum

Bazooka bubble gum with Bazooka Joe comic. I've never been keen for bubblegum but I can remember my friends buying this.

Loved these juices in wax. Bit top off then drank them

Wax Bottle candy, bite off the top, drink the juice; then chew the wax til flavor was gone.oh yeah.

Do you remember this toy?

Fisher Price Pocket Radios - Mine played "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head"

Bubble Gum Cigars!! We'd walk to the 7-Eleven to get a bag full of penny candy - Bubble gum cigars included!

& at all these old fashioned candy images on my board, it seems I was a drinkin& smokin& gold digger in training.

Mercurochrome - Notice the lovely color? As you might have guessed from the name, it contained mercury. Yup. Moms all across the nation were swabbing open wounds with a concoction made from stuff now well-known to cause brain damage, kidney failure, and birth defects. Wheeeeeee!

The cure for any cut. It always left you with an orange stain.your mom would blow on the cut while she was putting it on so it wouldn't hurt.

candy cigarettes with the red tip to show they are lit

With the red tips.yeah no red tips and they just call them candy now!

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If you were alive in the chances are you had a mood ring or saw one. Mood rings are rings with a stone that changes color, supposedly in response to your emotions. Here's a look at how mood rings work and whether they really can tell how you.

Lip stick candy was the best! #throwbackthursday

Old school kid candy. Best stuff ever! We used to pretend it was lip stick lol

Rainbow heart name pins #80s. I was sad because they never had my name.

Rainbow heart name pins. They never had my name spelled correctly, which was devastating.