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The Gift. Froud is an English painter who has spent his life exploring the folk tales and faery lore of his native land. His internationally best selling books include Faeries (with Alan Lee), Good Faeries/Bad Faeries, Lady Cottington's Fairy

Beith, the Birch Tree Woman

Banshee-In Irish folklore, the Bean Sidhe (woman of the hills) is a spirit or fairy who presage a death by wailing. She is popularly known as the Banshee. She visits a household and by wailing she warns them that a member of their family is about to die.

Voice of Nature - megarah-moon:   “The Lady & The Unicorn” by Brian...

“The Lady & The Unicorn” by Brian Froud Somewhere inside every Faerie forest, a tower stands. We have just arrived at the gates. The light here struggles to brighten its carved stones, heavy with.

By Brian Froud (born 1947)

Brian Froud - gouache color pencil ink 21 x 28 how to see faeries published 2011

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Gwenhwyfar is one of my favorite faeries from my favorite fantasy artist, Brian Froud.

Brian Froud - Faerie

enchantingimagery: “A knight returning home stops in a wood to dance with the Elfin Maid. When at last he arrives at the castle he finds it shut, silent and crumbling. He stops an old man who tells.

rare limited edition giclee print by Brian Froud . Illustration from his classic 1977 book The Land of Froud . #36 of 60, signed with an original sketch by the artist.

Although artist Brian Froud‘s never done actual comics per se, his work falls neatly within the ideaspace of comics in terms of genre, tone and artistry.

Brian Froud's fairie folk

The Green Woman by Brian Froud - inch Ceramic Sensations fantasy art tile – Lavender Moon

More illustrations by Brian Froud for The Wild Wood by Charles de Lint.

siryl: “ More illustrations by Brian Froud for The Wild Wood by Charles de Lint.