Upside down house by Juliane Eirich.

Imagine having this home, in this setting, with this imagine being inspired to write the book that's been rolling around in your brain for years. If not this place, find a place and do it! I want to read

Wow wonder who lives here.

Upside Down House in Germany


The Shell House in Isla Mujeres....This is a Vacation House Rental...the in side of this house is soooo cool!

Bridge House By ObjecktCreative

Hand House

skinny house.


now THAT's a studio!


Turtle house


Crooked Little House

Design of House is Upside Down | Most Beautiful Pages

Upside down

I would love to have this house and this back yard with pool like this and everything so nice :)

AMAZING POOL: Hemeroscopium House with cantilevered pool. 4/27/2012 via @Archinect


Dream House. Dream Pool.