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Good tips on growing cucumbers. They will grow up anything. Do better off the ground.

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Follow These 10 Steps to Get 50-80 Pounds of Tomatoes from Every Plant You Grow A collection of articles on Off Grid Living/Solar/Wind/Hydro Power/Wild Foraging & More!!! Like minded folks learning from each other.

Coffee grounds provide an unlimited source of nutrients for your garden . . . Ø       They hold moisture Ø       They are free Ø       They smell good Ø       They contain Nitrogen-Phosphate-Potassium (N-P-K) and other trace minerals Ø       They help keep slugs away from plants Ø       They repel ants Ø       Earthworms LOVE them Ø       They add acidity to the soil

A cucumber trellis/garden arch.... need to make a few....

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Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil — Tips from

Freeze herbs while they are fresh - put chopped herbs into ice tray and add olive oil before freezing. Then put into freezer bags and label for later use.

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How to Build your Own PVC Tomato Cage

PVC tomato cage. -Could use this for the cucumbers???

I love this gutter garden idea.

start seeds in ice cream cones and plant in to ground….how clever, biodegradable

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Vertical Gardening Inspiration

great use of space --> vertical gardening ideas with wooden fence #diy #garden

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Unique Trellis Ideas

Attach broken bicycle wheels to a wooden post to create a plant trellis for the garden.