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    #Truth.. As our world has become fast paced, goal oriented and stressful, we may have forgotten how to be kind to others. This not only takes a toll on others but also us. May we always learn to be considerate, kind and thoughtful of our fellow human beings

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    "Basketball doesn't build character, it reveals it." Personalize this artwork with your favorite basketball quote at

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    What your narcissist believes

    Not 100% factual; truth be told, I detest the lies & often wonder how you get away with so much. Makes me think that you & your awesome sorority-ish buds there in the cloud should be calling yourselves "knuckle DRAGGERS", instead of "Knuckle Bumpers". First of all, you promised, after the divorce (AFTER YOU KNEW ALL, & WE'D BOTH MOVED BACK TO FL & MOVED PAST EVERYTHING to the best of MY knowledge) - that I'd always be your "very best friend". Lying ass, spineless, cocktail weinered TWINK. You just wanted a piece of ass that night, thought I was drunk, & ignorantly assumed saying that wad of crap to me (standing on your Momma's front porch sometime close to Thanksgiving) would make my panties drop. Sorry, you horny ass fucking TOAD; those days ended YEEEEARS before our marriage finally did. Actually, long before you unloaded THAT ginormous load of shit on me, you were calling & sniffing all around St. Cloud in an (apparently) desperate search of snatch (while we were still married & I was in rehab). Worst of all, by far though: you lied your way through, & gained my ignorant trust to the degree that I stupidly signed custodial parental rights over to you - which you've used & abused at every given opportunity since you figured out you could no longer destroy me, emotionally, in & of your own (Yeah, FYI: I tend to grow an impenetrable callous when someone redundantly hurts me) - AYUND, finding a new idiotic, self esteem-less twit who's so desperate for attention that she's willing to accept the pathetic emotional scraps you throw her way.. whenever you feel up to it. So ODD how every time your dumbshit wife gets butthurt now, it affects the time our son is allowed here with US... all in an entirely fucked up way of 'paying me back'. C'MON. You started that landslide all on your own. You FRENCHED MY FUCKING COUSIN WHEN THE TWO OF YOU WENT OUT ALONE. OH. WAIT, NO! My cousin "forced" it on you, right?! Y'OKAY. I have no real reason to believe either one of you, but given your track record, I'd be far more apt to place my money on my cousin's word. She stood to gain absolutely NOTHING (other than an assbeating) by telling me about it.. & SHE was the first one to come clean about it. SO. How, now? Liar, liar, pants I so super seriously wish WOULD catch on fire & burn your tiny package off. You weren't even a "friendly" support of any kind while I was living with & watching my mother DIE, you worthless dickbag. You acted even worse (along with your marshmallow fluff-stuffed sidekick) just over a year later, when my father's liver failed & he died a slow, painful death. One thing that absolutely flabbergasted me (AFTER receiving a poorly construed, joke of an email from your lumpy assed sugar momma which was filled with outrageously false accusations) - when I finally told your muffintopped skankshart wife, sometime later, that your response to me asking for an explanation on all the outrageous shit she'd put in aforementioned email (when you & I had a sit down at McD's back in December of whenever), was "Oh, that was just T**rra, being stupid," --- she absolutely refused to BELIEVE it. Did you not RECORD that entire conversation? I find that impossible to believe, as you've always been so fond of using mini tape recorders & phone call recording devices/apps (which are, FYI, entirely illegal to use here in the sunshine state)... BUT I digress.. she's sincerely THAT ignorant as to who you really are?! She - in a (painful to witness) fit of pure, unadulterated stupidity - replied with something to the effect of "I know MY husband would NEVER say such a thing about me." *snort* She still has no clue what a POS dog she's married to, does she?! Inconceivable! I guess that's one of the biggest perks to dumbing down. You two entirely deserve one another though. I knew you were scum LONG before our marriage ended, but we had a child linking us - what the hell is that shit-tard's excuse?! A leopard cannot change his spots, so I don't buy this BS side you keep showing off for everyone who THINKS they know you. Pffft. Best of luck with all that though, Y'ALL. The only person I give a damn about is my child; as for the other three cretins residing under the same drug-money-funded roof, in T's very own words (verbatim - while my father was months away from death & you were both well aware of the horrible circumstances): "your stress does not concern me".

    Two Key Messages for a Good Start to 2015





    Powerful quote.

    Truth, Also Very Wise Words of Wisdom !!



    I REFUSE to put up with a liar who lies to make them selves look good and when they lie to try and change other people's view point of you...pathetic! Sorry hinny, your day is coming...

    This man was a wealth of great quotes


    Walk away

    Virgo Thought. You call it defensive, I call it making sure you get your damn facts right.

    Basketball quotes

    You know you're a Texan when...